Edo Tokyo ApartmentEdo Tokyo Apartment

Edo Tokyo Apartment in Eogawa Tokyo

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  • 4-bed-room
  • hallway
  • sink
  • antique glass door
  • 2-bed-room
  • broom
  • sink at the hallway
  • stairs
  • Nanatsu in 2-bed-room
  • window


Only 9 min. walk from Shin-Koiwa station (South exit).
Once you come out from the south exit of JR Shin-Koiwa station, walk through the "Lumier" shopping arcade. Walk under the arcade for a while, you will come to the end of the arcade. Walk a little more after the arcade, you will see a Chinese restaurant, "Kokuryu", on your left. Turn left at the corner. Walk till you hit a big road, "Heiwabashi-dori" street. Cross "Heiwabashi-dori" and turn right. Walk along "Heiwabashi-dori" street to South East direction. You will see a bus stop "Matsushima Sanchome" on the left side of the street. (There is a gas station "Mobile" at the opposite side of the street.) Turn left into the narrow street from the bus stop. You will see Edo Tokyo Apartment.

Quite a lot of our guests have gotten lost on the way to Edo Tokyo Apartment. The map below shows our correct location. Please be sure to print it out and bring it with you or take a screen shot of it, in case you cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network on the way.

Direction to Edo Tokyo Apartment

4 chome 1-8 Chūō Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

From Narita Airport

Route 1

Take JR Narita line to Shin-Koiwa. There are some direct train from Narita airport to Shin-Koiwa station.

1 h 10min.
Fare: ¥1,140

Route 2

Take Keisei line to Keiseifunabashi(Keisei line) / funabashi(JR line). Take Chuou Sobu line from Funabashi to Shin-Koiwa.

2 h
Fare: ¥960

Other Routes

There are some other routes as well.
We recommend you use "HypeDia" App.

From Haneda Airport

Route 1

From Haneda airport, take Keihin Kyuko (Keikyu) to Shinagawa. Change to JR Yokosuka line (it will change the name to Sobu Rapid line from Tokyo) to Shin-Koiwa

50 minutes.
Fare: ¥710

Route 2

From Haneda airport, take Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho. Change to JR Yamanote line inbound to Tokyo. Then change to Sobu rapid line to Shin-Koiwa

53 minutes.
Fare: ¥710

From Tokyo station

Take JR Sobu Rapid line. 14 min. without changing train.

From Shinjuku station

Take JR Sobu line. 30 min. without changing train.

From Ueno station

20 min. Change train one time